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Storey Kenworthy had a blast working on the new clubhouse for University West Apartments in Ames.  Our design and sales staff worked closely with the entire team to help them determine all the finishes throughout the space, including a custom carpet pattern we created.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

University West Housing Installation and design services furniture

University West Hosing installation design services


Our showroom is at 1304 Technology Parkway, #100, Cedar Falls.  
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Monkeytown A Storey Kenworthy Company


By Kurt Karr

I am very pleased to share that Monkeytown, the office products company, has become a part of the Storey Kenworthy family of companies. For many years I’ve enjoyed competing with Storey Kenworthy because I’ve long believed that a company can only be as good as its best competition, and Storey Kenworthy has always been the largest and most honest competitor we could find.

I am also pleased because Storey Kenworthy is keeping the location in Vinton and all the people employed by Monkeytown. This means Vinton will continue to receive property tax revenue, local vendors will continue providing services like gasoline and vehicle repairs, and local merchants will benefit from the income spent by employees. If that wasn’t good enough, I am confident the people of Monkeytown I’ve enjoyed working with for many years are going to have better jobs and more opportunities as a result of this transition.

The people of Monkeytown have been involved in many efforts to improve our communities, from supporting food banks to providing transportation of many tons of food from Cedar Rapids to Vinton for Operation Backpack. Storey Kenworthy also has a long history of work improving communities and they will continue having Monkeytown a Storey Kenworthy company provide support for our schools and our communities.

John Kenworthy, President of the Storey Kenworthy family of companies wrote our customers saying, “When I say “family of companies” it isn’t just a figure of speech. We are an 81 year-old company, owned and managed by three generations, and our commitment to customers, employees and the communities we serve is rooted in the values our family has long stood for. Including our Des Moines headquarters, and now with Monkeytown in Vinton as a Storey Kenworthy company, we are now proud to be a local partner in 11 Iowa communities.”

Which brings us to the end of this story. The same people of Monkeytown will be providing their same high level of service, but they will have much more to offer than ever before.

Those of us engaged in marketing services, including myself, Bobbie and Maggie, will continue to provide those services to clients as a new company. We would especially like to thank Virginia Gay Hospital and Benton Development Group for the great opportunities we’ve been given to grow in our capabilities.

Monkeytown A Storey Kenworthy Company

Storey Kenworthy Get More The Storey Kenworthy Vision Statement.  We enjoyed putting this video together encompassing all our locations, departments, and family of companies. Enjoy!

Storey Kenworthy Get More

 Storey Kenworthy hung up new artwork last month in celebration of our 80th Anniversary!  

Artwork by Bill Luchsinger provided by Moberg Gallery

Bill Luchsinger
American born 1944
JAK1949, 2016
 Digital print on canvas

As part of our company ‘s 80th celebration this year, Dave Kenworthy was presented a commissioned art piece by local artist Bill Luchsinger.  John Kenworthy and Christin Murphy collaborated with Moberg Gallery, along with the artist, on bringing to life a historic image from our company archive.  The image depicts our old 309 Locust storefront, from approximately the year 1949.  Dave remembers from his youth modeling in the window display along with his brother pretending to be mannequins. 

The artist was given artistic freedom to add his colors to the scene, but was encouraged to use in some way our family of company’s colors of SK Blue, Workspace/BFW Red and Matt Parrott Green.  For this reason, you’ll see those colors depicted on the neon sign.  To add another personal touch, Dave’s father’s initials and the year our company was founded is seen on a vehicle’s license plate in the window reflection.

To embellish a bit more on the happenings of the year 1949, the Polaroid camera and the color television were invented, Volkswagen introduced the Beetle, the Emmy Awards were presented for the first time, and the NBA was founded.  On a worldly scale, the Berlin Blockade came to an end, NATO was established, and the Soviet Union tested its first atomic bomb.  

Storey Kenworthy Get MoreOur new paper is here and ready for delivery!  We love that our driver Gogo is such a great model and sport!  XER001936

Storey Kenworthy Logo Storey Kenworthy Foundation of Giving 2016 receipents.  We were glad to help local non-profits make a difference.  For more information, please visit the foundation website Here. 


 Check presentation Alzheimer's Association of Greater Iowa Check Presentation Adaptive     Check presentation LLSCheck Presentation Youth Emergency Services and Shelter    

Storey Kenworthy Get More Logo

Storey Kenworthy is getting a few new trucks!  Check out our newest truck just delivered! 

Storey Kenworthy Delivery Truck

Storey Kenworthy launches structured grant program

The Storey Kenworthy Foundation for Giving announced that it will begin offering community grants this year, with four $2,500 grants to be awarded. Lincoln Dix, vice president of sales and director of philanthropy for the Des Moines-based office furniture and supplies company, said the foundation has been in existence for several years and has now grown enough to begin making grants. Overseen by the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines, the grant program will focus on three primary areas of interest: veterans' affairs, children and education, and medical research. "Our focus is on programming, to apply dollars toward specific programs that will have a direct benefit on the community," Dix said. The deadline for applications is Aug. 31; awards will be made in late December. For more information, visit the foundation website Here.

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2016 marks the 80th Anniversary for Storey Kenworthy. Storey Kenworthy was founded by Arthur G. Kenworthy and Charles R. Storey.  The office supply store was located at 317 Locust Street in Des Moines. We are excited to celebrate 80 years!

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Dave Kenworthy and the Better Business Bureau were spotlighted on the KCWI Great Day program on November 18th. 


Storey Kenworthy is pleased to announce our new Cedar Rapids Location! We have moved to 1495 Boyson Road in Hiawatha.  Stop in and see our new showroom open Monday-Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm



Introducing KWAKer Cleaner made by Community Youth Concepts and the KWAKers. 

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