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Foundation For Giving Grants


The Storey Kenworthy Foundation for Giving Grant Program exists to provide selected non-profit organizations in the State of Iowa, with financial assistance to further their programming in our local communities.  We seek to support organizations whose mission align with our core giving priorities and demonstrate fiscal and social responsibility through quantifiable means. 

Application and Selection Process

The Storey Kenworthy Foundation for Giving awards (5) $5000 grants per calendar year within the scope of our core giving priorities:  Honoring our Heroes, Medical Research and Support, Children & Education.  Timeframe for submission of application is July 1st through August 31st.  

From September 1 – 30, the Community Engagement Committee will select (4) finalists from each of our giving priorities to be advanced to the Senior Management Team for final selection.  Senior Management will then choose the recipients from this pool during the month of October with a goal of distributing funding in November.

Honoring our Heroes
Storey Kenworthy employees have identified supporting our veterans and first responders as a key focus.  Causes that will be considered for a grant will promote the health, legacy, and honor of those who have served our country in the military or as a first responder.  

Medical Research
Many employees at Storey Kenworthy have been affected by illness - whether personally or through a loved one. We will consider organizations that conduct research for cures of terminal illness or provide support to families affected by terminal disease. 

Children and Education
Storey Kenworthy recognizes the importance of the healthy development of youth in our communities and the value of educational opportunities for all young people.  We support programs that promote learning, social readiness, health, and nutrition programs, serving at-risk or under-represented children in grades PreK-12. 

Organizations that will be considered for the annual grant will:

•  Possess 501(c)3 status or be a preK-12 educational institution which receives the majority of their funding through the state of Iowa.
•  Submit their application by an employee, board member, or volunteer of that organization
•  Maintain a physical presence and address in the State of Iowa
•  Provide a specific and uniquely identified program or need relevant to Storey Kenworthy’s giving priorities
•  Be able to provide upon request proof of execution and demonstration of the impact of the grant to the Iowa community
•  Provide at least one reference from each of the following:   1. Current Board Member   2. Individual or Family impacted by the organization’s service    3. Volunteer.  In cases where privacy laws or confidentiality would preclude a reference, that letter may be excluded.
•  Be submitted by the application deadline (August 31st) and meet all requirements of the application process

The Storey Kenworthy Foundation for Giving will not consider requests:

  • That benefit only a specific individual or family
  • Sporting events or athletic teams
  • For fundraisers such as galas, 5Ks, bike rides, golf tournaments, etc - please see our sponsorship and donations page
  • From organizations which received a grant from the Storey Kenworthy Foundation  for Giving in the previous fiscal year

For more information, contact:

Lincoln Dix, Community Engagement Chair
Storey Kenworthy
1333 Ohio Street
Des Moines, IA 50314



Storey Kenworthy Foundation for Giving