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Your office will be positive and productive when you offer great coffee brands.  Start with the best coffee brands: Starbucks, Seattle's Best, Green Mountain, Folgers, Cinnabon, Caribou and more.  Savor that cup of coffee, tea or yummy hot chocolate anytime.  Storey Kenworthy delivers your beverage and coffee supplies with your office supplies, fast, free, and convenient delivery!  

Every breakroom needs the essentials that no one wants to add to their to-do list.  Storey Kenworthy delivers all  utensils, napkins, sugar, sweeteners, creamers, cups, and lids you need to keep your day running smoothly.  Other breakroom supplies include soda, juice, energy drinks, tea, hot chocolate and bottled water.  Don't forget about the snacks too!  We have Iowa grown popcorn, crackers, cookies, candy and other snacks to keep you fueled up for the day.  Quick meals your employees will enjoy include hot breakfasts, soups and microwavable lunches.  Explore our product guides or website for all the supplies available. 


You enjoy Keurig at home, now enjoy it at work.  We can provide you with potted coffee with warmer options as well. We don't just provide brewers for your workplace, we give you tastes of pleasure throughout the day!  We believe that it is essential to choose items & models that meet your need and budget.  Many brewers offer the choice of jug filled or plumbed water.  With plumbed brewers, high quality water filters ensure your drinks are perfect every time and your the machine doesn't incur scale related problems. Our experts listen to your needs and offer suitable choices for you and your workplace.  If you already have brewers and dispensers in place, let us show you how we can improve your existing setup.  We believe in providing you with the best service possible.  


Purchase beverage equipment or secure no-cost brewers with a breakroom program. Give us a call today and receive an assessment of your breakroom brewers and coffee supplies.  We would love to talk about the perfect solutions for your workplace.

Here are some tips on how to brew a better cup of coffee: 
Buy fresh grounds or beans.
Keep your beans or grounds fresh by storing in an airtight container and never refrigerate or freeze your coffee.
Choose good coffee.  Storey Kenworthy's employees love Green Mountain Coffees!
 Use good water, Storey Kenworthy offers Crystal Clear Drinking Water to brew that perfect cup of coffee and we deliver it right where you need it. 
Choose quality filters.
Use plenty of coffee, don't skimp!  The standard measure is 2 3/4 Tablespoons per 8-oz cup.
Proper brewing temperature is 200 degrees Fahrenheit, any hotter will produce a bitter cup of coffee. 
Keep your equipment clean.  Monthly, run a solution of vinegar & water or equipment descaling solution cleaner through your brewer to keep it clean and ready for that perfect Cup of Joe. 

Get Crystal Clear Water delivered with all your supplies! Crystal Clear is an Iowa based producer of great tasting, healthy water solutions, whether you need individual bottles, 5-gallon jugs, or tankless systems.  Crystal Clear has been bottling water since 1975 providing Des Moines and Iowa with the highest quality drinking water.  Please call our facility supply experts today to learn if Crystal Clear water is right for you and your workplace. 

To learn more please contact your Facility Solutions Expert or call 1-800-622-4536