Look Local


Each dollar spent with a local business has a greater economic impact than the impact of dollars spent with a company headquartered out of state*.

At Storey Kenworthy "Look Local First" isn't just a tagline, it's part of who we are.  Our company has partnered with Iowa based manufacturers, service providers, and organizations to keep our business dollars in the local economy.

Each year businesses and local governments in Greater Des Moines spend more than $13.4 billion with out-of-area suppliers. Shifting just 5% of your business’ spending to local vendors could generate an economic impact of more than $1billion for Greater Des Moines.

That’s why The Greater Des Moines Partnership created Look Local First—an initiative to promote local expertise, products and services. When we Look Local First we create jobs, improve roadways, bolster schools, develop parks, grow businesses and make greater Des Moines even greater.

Shifting just 5% of your spending could add more than $672 million a year to the local economy—and cause a potential ripple effect with an economic impact of more than $1 billion.

Check out the full article from the Greater Des Moines Partnership at http://www.looklocaldsm.com/

We are proud to be a 4th generation, family-owned business with over 80 years of experience.  We maintain our commitment to our customers, our community, and our employees.

* Based on Civic Economics Andersonville Study of Retail Economics: When you spend $100 at an independent business, $68 returns to the local economy versus $43 when spent with a national chain. Based on U.S. Census projection of 115 million households.