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Voting Systems and Maintenance

New Voting Systems
Matt Parrott, ElectionSource and Dominion® Voting Systems provide the best in innovation, integration, and accessibility, while providing simplicity of use and the transparency to meet your election needs now and in the future.

Driven by Dominion's powerful Democracy Suite's software, with flexible configurations to meet jurisdictional needs.  

Leverages commercially available off-the-shelf hardware, making it cost-effective, flexible and sustainable. 

Provides a range of accessible input options allowing all voters to use the same device options to vote. 

Intuitive touchscreen interface for poll workers and voters

Digital ballot reviews allows election officials to adjudicate ballots efficiently.  

Click HERE to learn more about ImagCast Voting Systems

Preventative Maintenance
Save cost and time while preventing breakdowns on Election Day!

Matt Parrott technicians work with you to create a plan to inspect, clean, calibrate, perform software and firmware upgrades and test your equipment on site at your location. 

Election technology is ever evolving and it is essential to properly maintain your election equipment to safeguard the accuracy of the machines and preserve voter confidence in the election process. Protect your equipment with our preventative maintenance plan.  

• Read Head Alignment and Calibration      
• Touchscreen Calibration
• Battery Replacement
• Diagnostics
• Path Sensor Clear Check                      
• Accuracy Testing      
• Belt Inspection and Replacement        
• Tension Pulley Adjustment
• Repairs, Replacement and Loaner        
• Routine Cleaning


For more information please contact our Election Specialist or call 1-800-728-4621 ext 3427