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cleaning supplies

Want to make a positive impression? Offer your customers and employees a clean, safe, and well-stocked facility. The cleanliness of a work environment can impact everything from the health and well-being of employees to the impression your business makes on your customers.  Storey Kenworthy is your cleaning supply go-to company for the ultimate selection of cleaning and janitorial supplies.  Thousands of options are available next day and no one, I mean no one, makes it easier.  Whether you are a small office, commercial janitor, industrial business, or a large company, we have what you need at the best prices.  

We have the products that clean, kill germs, and polish to help you maintain that spotless environment.  

Storey Kenworthy offers many eco-friendly products, as well as recyclable packaging, from manufacturing plants that have been awarded LEED platinum-certification.  We also offer multiple hand washing options to wash away bacteria from hands with no phthalates or tricolsan, while still leaving your hands soft and smelling fresh.  

Germ Free and Fresh! 
Did you know that research from ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) found that the following contaminated surfaces at work had an ATP count of 300 or higher?  (Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP, is the energy molecule found in all living things, making it a perfect indicator when trying to determine if a surface is clean or not.)
75% Breakroom sink faucet handles
48% Microwave door handles
25% Refrigerator door handles
23% Water fountain buttons
35% vending machine buttons
Computer mice, keyboards and office phones have ATP levels between 100 and 300.  These are items you use and touch daily - High quality cleaning products are a Must-Have! 
ISSA reports that sick employees are costing you money.  An average of 7.7 sick days per employee per year costs about 225.8 billion dollars annually.  With a decrease in productivity output and drop in sales and customer service makes cleaning products more important than ever.  


Storey Kenworthy's Facility Supplies have got you covered from A to Z!  
Everyone says it, but we prove it:

All-purpose cleaners
Bar soap
Can liners
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Hand soap
Janitorial products
Laundry detergent
Multi-surface cleaners
Oven cleaner
Paper towels
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Vacuum bags
Waste receptacles
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Y, because we like you! 
Zep commercial products. 

If you are shopping for janitorial products or cleaning supplies in Iowa, Storey Kenworthy's Facility Supplies' Expert can help you make the best overall decision for your environment.  In addition, we focus on providing you with great customer service.  Order your cleaning supplies on our on-line store and receive free, fast delivery on your order today! 

 Exceed expectations with a clean, sanitary and professional workplace. 

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