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Take Away The Breakroom Headache

Beverage Supplies, Brewers, and Water Chillers

Keep your employees productive and positive by providing an affordable beverage and breakroom solution. From coffee to hot chocolate, water to soda, we have what you need in stock and ready to deliver. Save yourself an expensive trip to the club warehouse or grocery store and have us deliver sweeteners, creamers and stir sticks to keep things in stock readily available. Whether you need a plumbed coffee brewer or a 5-gallon water chiller, we can provide the equipment through our low-cost / no-cost program. Contact your account representative for more details today.

Breakroom Supplies

Make lunch a breeze by providing plates, cups, utensils, and napkins – all delivered fast, free, professional, and in budget. We have the brands you trust at the prices you need to save you from having to make a “run” to the store.


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Beverage Supplies

Every breakroom needs the essentials that no one wants to add to their to-do list. Storey Kenworthy delivers all utensils, napkins, sugar, sweeteners, creamers, cups, and lids you need to keep your day running smoothly. Other breakroom supplies include soda, juice, energy drinks, tea, hot chocolate and bottled water. Don’t forget about the snacks too! We have crackers, cookies, candy and other snacks to keep you fueled up for the day. Quick meals your employees will enjoy include hot breakfasts, soups and microwavable lunches. Explore our product guides or website for all the supplies available.


Get Crystal Clear Water delivered with all your supplies! Crystal Clear is an Iowa based producer of great tasting, healthy water solutions, whether you need individual bottles, 5-gallon jugs, or tankless systems. Crystal Clear has been bottling water since 1975 providing Des Moines and Iowa with the highest quality drinking water. Please call our facility supply experts today to learn if Crystal Clear water is right for you and your workplace.

To learn more please contact us to speak with a trained Sales Representative or call 1-800-622-4536.

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Keep Your Space Sanitized and Sparkling Clean

Having a properly cleaned, sanitized and disinfected facility has never been more important.

One of the first steps to ensuring the safety, health and well-being of your employees, guests, and clients is to have the right supplies on-hand with the knowledge of how to properly use each product. Your Account Executive can provide you with recommendations to meet your unique needs. Thousands of products are available for fast, free and professional delivery, and keeping a clean, impressive, and safe facility has never been easier.

If you are looking for eco-friendly and safer cleaning options, Storey Kenworthy has partnered with Charlotte Products to offer an array of best-in-class cleaners and disinfectants that are used in hospitals, federal government, higher education and private businesses across the country.

Whether you are looking for products that are ready-to-use, concentrated, or a full dilution control program, Storey Kenworthy has what you need to keep your facility safe and looking its best.

To learn more contact us to speak with a trained Sales Representative or call 1-800-622-4536.


Make An Impression From The First Step

Are you renting your entryway mats? By purchasing your own mats, on average, they will pay for themselves in 6-9 months. As long as your facility has a regular cleaning schedule, there is little need to rent and pay another company to provide the same service. We have all the mats you need to provide a safe entry for your guests and help keep dirt, salt, and water out of your facility. If you are looking for anti-slip or anti-fatigue matting, we have a full array of affordable options for you to consider as well.

To learn more contact us to speak with a trained Sales Representative or call 1-800-622-4536.


The Supplies You Need to Keep Everyone Safe

Having a reasonable supply of PPE available to your employees and guests is a simple and affordable way to manage risk and provide an additional level of security to your team. We can provide your company with the gloves, facemasks, sanitizers, disinfectants, eye and ear protection, and first aid kits need to give your team peace of mind while in the office.  In addition, with cold and flu season always seeming to be “around the corner” Storey Kenworthy has everything you need to combat seasonal (or not so seasonal) viruses, germs and bacteria.  If you need hand sanitizer, facial tissues, disinfectant sprays, air purifiers, or even ice melt for your walkways – contact us for fast, free and professional delivery at competitive prices that won’t make your budget feel ill.


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Keeping your restrooms fully stocked, every time

Ensure a positive visit to your facility by standardizing your dispensers, having plenty of product available and controlling odors with a couple of strategically placed air freshener systems. As an added benefit, by updating towel, tissue, and soap dispensers, you will reduce the total cost of product, minimize waste, and simplify your procurement process.

Our team has a variety of dispensers and supplies to match any aesthetic and meet any budget requirements. One of the best times to address your restroom facility is when relocating, remodeling, or building. New dispensers can be installed in a matter of hours and easily scheduled in between contractor deadlines.

To learn more contact us to speak with a trained Sales Representative or call 1-800-622-4536.

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