Restroom Supplies

Make your restoom welcoming, fresh, and clean using bathroom supplies and accessories.

Bathroom products are most definitely not glamorous but so necessary to keep things from plunging out of control.  Lack of bathroom supplies is the most common customer complaint and contributes to a dirty restroom.

Have you ever thought about how many necessities are necessary to keep your restroom clean and fresh?  The number one and number two items are paper towels and toilet paper.  
Look at paper towels and their multi-functionality in a restroom.  From a hands-dryer to germ remover or a barrier so you don't have to touch the door handles when exiting the restroom, the paper towel is the super hero in the bathroom.  A great towel can make a difference between drying your hands on an absorbent paper towel or drying your hands on your clothes or other soiled surfaces.  

Since we are on a roll with paper products; toilet paper comes in many different grades from Luxury to Economical to Eco-friendly.  Did you know that the average number of toilet tissue sheets a person uses in a day is 57 sheets with an annual amount of 20,805 sheets.  Choose wisely....  

Storey Kenworthy's #1 selling toilet tissue is softer than other commercial products on the market and is made from Rapidly Renewable Fiber (RRF) with ZERO deforestation. Think it's more expensive than the John Wayne toilet tissue?  Well, you'd be very wrong, Pilgrim. National brands can't hold a candle to the pricing.  

Hand soap is one of the biggest line items in restroom consumables.  Every facility has differing soap needs and Storey Kenworthy has all the brands, dispensing units, and packaging options.  Soap dispensers ensure you save money by dispensing just the right amount of soap to get the job done with easy to refill options with stylish looks and touchless options.  

Air Fresheners make the restroom experience Scentsational!  We understand the importance of keeping your restroom fresh smelling and we stock automatic fresheners for your business.  We carry a wide range of odor control products, styles, models and functions at great prices to keep disagreeable odors from popping up.  

Storey Kenworthy offers the highest quality and trusted name brands that you rely on, at a great price and exceptional customer service.  Order your facility supplies right along with your office supplies and take advantage of our fast, free delivery service.   

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