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Meet Our Design Leadership Team

john kenworthy, president

John Kenworthy

ryan boyington storey kenworthy employee

Ryan Boyington

ryan boese storey kenworthy employee
VP – Furniture Division

Ryan Boese

lisa hart, storey kenworthy employee
Sales Manager - Furniture

Lisa Hart

christin murphy, storey kenworthy employee
Design Manager

Christin Murphy


John Kenworthy

President of “whatever it takes” with a focus on driving strategy, structure, organizational development and culture. Life long learner who is naturally curious which creates a drive and focus on continuous improvement and learning & growth. Our most important asset is our team members and if we want to grow our company we need to grow our people through a strong foundation of culture. In the words of Peter Drucker “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”

Making A Difference Through SK Since::2008


Ryan Boyington

Ryan is a partner and has been with the company since 2014.  He previously led the SK Supplies Division as well as the company’s Performance Excellence strategy and now leads the operations groups across all divisions.  Ryan jokes that since he is part of a family company there is no option to ever leave, but he can’t imagine working anywhere else and has always been amazed at how many long tenured employees the company has.  There is no better proof for how great the SK team really is.  Ryan spends countless hours in the outdoors and claims he once willingly went ice fishing in Canada when it was 70 degrees below freezing.

Making A Difference Through SK Since::2014

VP – Furniture Division

Ryan Boese

With extensive industry experience, Ryan provides a trusted partner in driving the ultimate customer experience by ensuring your vision comes to fruition and will be seamless from start to finish. Proficient in both large and complex projects, Ryan will work diligently with the entire Storey Kenworthy team to ensure we are on time and on budget. If he could, Ryan would be happy to eat pizza every day of the week and is a total Christmas enthusiast with 6 trees placed throughout the house and lights galore inside and out.

Making A Difference Through SK Since::2014

Sales Manager - Furniture

Lisa Hart

Lisa loves that each day presents new and unique challenges. Cultivating relationships with new and existing clients is so fulfilling. She feels very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with so many amazing people over the years. Lisa has learned something from each project and has put those nuggets into her proverbial ‘bag of tricks’. She can’t thank SK and her customers enough for all the opportunities to learn and grow and still have fun along the way! At age 3, Lisa was run over by a car—it explains a lot, doesn’t it!?

Making A Difference Through SK Since::2006

Design Manager

Christin Murphy

At SK you have the ability to make real and valuable contributions to the success of the organization, cultivating for today and for tomorrow.  There is a beauty in carving out how you want to make an impact around the company you work for – something you spend the majority of your waking hours doing – and flexibility around how you grow and develop.  And all of that adds up to the feeling of making a difference and making your mark in life.  That you matter and your work matters.

Something people may not know about Christin (those close to her do, of course!) is that she has A LOT of passion for the game of golf. She’s been playing it most of her life and enjoys that the sport itself is a great analogy for life – there are good days and bad days, but within each, a reminder that mindset is a powerful thing.

Making A Difference Through SK Since::2004

Certifications:NCIDQ® Certification No. 24205

Learn how Storey Kenworthy leverages process to discover needs and surpass expectations

The Foundation For Success

storey kenworthy identity furniture and design

Identify Definition of Success

For us, starting at the beginning means thinking about the results at the end. That’s why we begin by defining what success looks like for your project. Knowing the goal, we’re able to develop a comprehensive plan that will bring your vision to reality.

storey kenworthy furniture and design

Project Goals & Expectations

This step aligns our team with yours as we dive into the nitty gritty details of your project. During this phase, we get the lay of the land and consider all project flexibilities and limitations. That way, the entirety of the project has some ground rules to follow, ensuring project success and high level transparency.

storey kenworthy programing


Our goal is to make your space as useful as possible. To do that, we have to examine the way you currently use the space. We examine what’s working as well as pinpoint inefficiencies or areas for improvement. An important part of this is understanding the activities that take place with your teams and individuals.

storey kenworthy planning for the future

Planning for the future

Your tomorrow is our focus today. As your partner, we design spaces that can grow and evolve with your business. To do that, we help guide dialogue and shape design decisions that meet your needs today, but we take it a step further by ensuring our plans today can also shift and provide flexibility if your needs change in the future.

Sparking Brilliant Designs

Space Planning

First thing’s first, we have to plan out your space. During this phase, you will see your space begin to take shape as we plan out adjacencies with your different space types.

Unique Solution

Cookie cutter solutions are not welcome here. We believe that every organization has a brand and culture that is unique, and that the space in which you work can reflect and even enhance that culture. We will work to create a workplace strategy that is as unique as your business.

Agile Process

Our project management process allows us to keep the pulse of your project through its entirety by seeking and leveraging feedback throughout the process. Your feedback allows us to pivot where necessary and ensure we are always heading down the right path.

Live Design

We think there’s a better way to communicate instead of phone tag and loaded email inboxes. That’s why we walk through your design with you in real time so that changes can be made quickly. We find this process allows for conversations that quicken the decision-making process, a win-win for everyone.

Solution Development & Ideation

Where Your Ideas Come to Life


Floor Plans/Color 3Ds: Our blueprints provide you an overall look at your space so that you can have a clear idea of how your space will flow overall.

Virtual Reality

Sometimes it’s difficult to visualize your space. That’s why we utilize a fully immersive virtual reality experience. It allows you to see visuals of your space, or be placed virtually into a space to understand exactly what your investment will look and feel like. This exciting process allows you to see your new space in a more tangible way.

Order, Project Management & Logistics

Throughout the entire process, wel make sure we get products to your site on time. To do this, we develop a project timeline to manage deadlines and keep you in-the-know with how we’re progressing. Also includes site visits, coordination with other project team members including architect, general contractor, broker, etc.

Design Specifications

From Virtual to Reality


The moment we’ve been waiting for! This is the exciting time we see the vision truly come to life. Our installation crew will complete the project – manage deliveries, install the furniture, oversee trash haul-a-way, gather up any punch items, and leave the space wiped down and clean.

Day 2 Service

Our partnership doesn’t end after installation. We’re committed to you as you grow and evolve, and sometimes that means making tweaks in the future, and we’re always ready and willing to help.

storey kenworthy office space

A Seamless Process

No job is too big, too small or too complicated for our install team. Our team is the most experienced in the state of Iowa, and offers full lifecycle service for all of the products (and brands) we sell. That means not only do we install on day one, but we can clean, repair, reupholster, reconfigure or store your furniture in the future as well. With experience handling every leading brand, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Installation Services