85 Years of Making A Difference






It is my turn to provide some perspective on 85 years in business, and for me it is pretty straight forward.  We Make a Difference.

Hopefully our new tagline around making a difference is starting to stick with people, and I also hope everyone believes in it.  We all have different experiences in life and in work.  My work experience prior to SK was with large, global companies.  The experience was great and I have no regrets, but if you asked me about what impact I made at those companies it is really hard to explain and almost impossible to measure.    I could speak all day about getting work “done” at those companies, but it is hard to explain how it added value for specific customers or how aligned all employees were to a common set of goals, objectives, or vision.  There is definitely no way I could tell you what the vision statement was!

At SK each employee truly does make a difference.  We don’t always sell the best chair (Glenn may disagree) and our paper really isn’t better than our competitor’s paper, but how we sell, and most importantly how we service customers is what truly makes the difference.   It’s how accurate we enter orders, how timely we reply to costumer requests, and how professional we are when making deliveries or installing furniture systems.  Simply put, it’s about doing the little things right.  When we do the little things right time after time we build trust.  With trust comes relationships, and with relationships comes business that is hard to earn and even harder for the competition to take away.

SK is very fortunate to have had an employee base that has done the little things right for 85 years.  We continue to build trust and solidify our position as the statewide leader in creating innovative solutions for our customers… and we are not slowing down anytime soon.  Thanks to each of you for making  a difference and cheers to the next 85!


Ryan Boyington