As I reflect on 85 years my mind takes me to one word: Appreciation

I am appreciative of the past founders that followed their spirit of entrepreneurship and took a financial risk to start a business shortly after the great recession.  That took guts!  I am appreciative of the past owners, team members, and leaders before us that help build a solid foundation we all share today.  Let’s be honest, some of best clients relationships of today we enjoy because of the efforts of those before us…..THANK YOU!

Today, I am appreciative of all the contributions and talents of  all  team members.  Today we are a family of  diversified  companies with a solid,  shared mission and vision.  We are changing in new ways such as  new technologies, SERVE, community giving and our SK foundation to name just a few areas.

The future will be a challenge because we will not resume to a business environment like before.  We need to look to the future and the hard part of looking to the future is NOT looking back.   I will be honest, that’s hard for an old dog like me in this business for 35 years!  But, if I can embrace change you can too! To quote Walt Disney “we need to keep moving forward opening new doors and doing new things because we are all curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths”.  Yes we will fail sometimes, but if we don’t fail we don’t learn and move forward.

Appreciate you all,

Glenn Oberlin, Partner