Cheers to 85 Years!






WOW…85 years….what an incredible accomplishment and “Storey” we have.

The “Storey” started for me as early as my memories began. Like John, my memories include weekends running around the basement, going up and down the ramp, running through the warehouse. I may have even made an accidental call to 911 from the upstairs conference room at 309 that sent police to the office (during work hours)…Sorry to anyone that was here to experience that one! ???? Growing up I also missed points on spelling tests because in my world the only way you spell “story” is “Storey” (with an “e” of course!). I remember many calls to my dad in the evening try to track him down, only to find out that he was next door with John and Glenn talking shop. Memories of “helping” sand bag the offices during the floods of ‘93. I also enjoyed some time here during my college days alongside John Koerner (our Steelcase rep, Lori’s, dad) helping organize the design library…oh the stories I heard from him! Over all those year and all those memories, I had the good fortune of meeting many people along the way and I always had the sense it was a special place with special people.

Well, I grew up and tried new things and moved out of state but made my way back and it was the people and this history that pulled me in.  Now, I personally got to be part of the “Storey” and meet even more of this family of company we have all worked to build.  Now, my trips up and down the ramp aren’t just weekend fun (though now my own kids think it is) but going in and out each day and working side by side with people that have truly become friends, and, really, family to me.  It has been led, and continues to be led by remarkable people that I love, respect and look up to. It is a place I have come to love, not just because of the legacy that has been created, but because of the people that are here that work for a common goal side by side, day in and day out.   If you ask anyone here the best part about our “Storey”…it’s the people. It has always has been and it always will be.

I am also grateful that the spirit of giving has always been part of our “Storey”. It makes me so proud to know that our successes are not only enjoyed by our employees, but by the community around us. We look at the bigger picture and push ourselves to step up and step in.  It is my hope that giving back continues to always be a big part of our future because we can only be as good as the wellbeing of the community and people around us.

I am so grateful to part of this journey and creating my own “Storey” here with all of you. My dad always stressed to me that EVERY SINGLE PERSON here is vital to the success of this company, regardless of your role. Each and every one on of you have been a unique and important part of our “Storey” and you have made an impact along this journey – for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  When I look back at all that has been accomplished before us and all that is being accomplished now, I am truly excited to write the next chapter of our “Storey” together.  So, cheers to stepping up, stepping in… side by side, step by step and continuing to write our “Storey”.

Cheers to 85 years and beyond!

Nicole Boyington