#OurStorey with Danny Sickles

#OurStorey with Danny Sickles

In 4 sentences or less, describe your job and what you might do on a “typical” day – understanding that a typical day might be different every day.

My typical day is a combination of many things.  From speaking to current customers, prospecting new customers, visiting with customers in person, and/or helping customers complete orders, there’s never a dull moment!   I work a lot with the K-12 market and I love working with my clients from all vertical markets!

How would you describe the company culture of Storey Kenworthy?

The culture at SK is one of the many reasons I love my job.  I love so many things; that people are allowed to be themselves, the feel of family, I feel that my voice is heard and I’m allowed to use my voice.  I just love the communication and the people.  It’s a great combination of diversity, support and people are always willing to help each other.

Which of the 7 Core Values is your favorite?  The one that inspires you most?  Why?

Customer Focus.  I love people.  I love helping.  I understand we’re here to make money and it’s a job, but being able to work with internal and external customers gives me satisfaction.  I just love being around people, talking to people and helping people!  I love solving problems for our customers so they don’t have to; I love making their jobs easier.

What do you think about the Company’s focus on community engagement and social equity?

I love it.  I am on the Community Engagement Committee so I get to see it first hand how it works, how it plays out, and how the company is involved in the community.  I love the reasons WHY community engagement is so important.  I love the fact that we spread the love and share our giving with a variety of non-profits.  We actually make a difference.

What keeps you coming to work for Storey Kenworthy?

I work for a company that allows me to be me.  We have a saying that ‘fair does not mean equal’.  This allows me to be flexible and I’m allowed to make decisions.  I love the people – my co-workers and our customers.  I also believe there is room for growth.  We see all employees as individuals for who they are and help our employees achieve personal and professional goals.

Outside of work, what do you do to stay fulfilled, busy, balanced and focused on your personal growth?

Family is #1 to me.  I live close to the majority of my family and extended family and am involved in all of their lives.  #2 is sports.  I’m a huge Iowa State, Chicago Cubs and Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan.  I referee high school football and basketball and I umpire the 3rd-6th graders in Wapsie Valley school district little league games.  It’s fun watching their growth in the sport over the years.

What would you tell somebody that is thinking about coming to work for Storey Kenworthy?

I would encourage them to come with every ounce of being I had.  I love the company!  I would explain the culture, the expectations and let them know it’s a family owned company and you’re not working for a big corporation.  This allows you a little bit more freedom than other companies.  I am a Storey Kenworthy cheerleader!