#OurStorey with Dave Bertlshofer

#OurStorey with Dave Bertlshofer

In 4 sentences or less, describe your job and what you might do on a “typical” day – understanding that a typical day might be different every day.

Truthfully my day is never the same.  Every day is different and that’s what I love about working at SK!  Some days I’m meeting and consulting with clients to hep them develop a space that will be functional, improve productivity, and that will provide an environment that their employees or students will enjoy coming to on a daily basis.  Other days I’m at the office collaborating with design, project management or operations.  And sometimes I’m involved in the multiple committees at Storey Kenworthy, having an impact outside of my sales role.

How would you describe the company culture of Storey Kenworthy?

Since we are family-owned, I think it’s the backbone of our culture.  Our team members are our family.

Which of the 7 Core Values is your favorite?  The one that inspires you most?  Why?

Attitude – because it’s the one thing we can choose that can affect our day and those team members around us.

What keeps you coming to work for Storey Kenworthy?

So many things; the culture, the people, the money, the ability to be creative, and the day-to-day changes/constant newness.

What would say is the best part of your job?

Helping clients develop a space or environment that they truly love.  More specifically, since I’m focused on education, the things that I do can impact the way the children learn.

Outside of work, what do you do to stay fulfilled, busy, balanced and focused on your personal growth?

Anything outside!  Boating, drinking, cooking, going to kids events, socializing with friends and family.

What would you tell somebody that is thinking about coming to work for Storey Kenworthy?

It’s the people.  The people are our culture.  Your voice matters.  You can make an impact, not only with our clients but with our organization.  You can make a difference no matter what position you hold.

When you think about our customers – how would you say your role impacts their business and their employees?

I have a direct impact.  Hopefully we’re doing our job to create an environment that will help them do their best work!  We work collaboratively to align with their vision and their culture.