#OurStorey with Jill Becker

#OurStorey with Jill Becker

In 4 sentences or less, describe your job and what you might do on a “typical” day – understanding that a typical day might be different every day.

Every day is different and that’s what I love about my job!  I will have my day planned coming to the office and it will change.  That’s ok, that’s what makes it fun!  Every project I get to work on is a blank canvas and we get to put our own touch on it.

How would you describe the company culture of Storey Kenworthy?

Like family.  That’s what I love about it.  We genuinely care about each other.  I consider my team not only my coworkers, but my friends.

Which of the 7 Core Values is your favorite?  The one that inspires you most?  Why?

Quality.  We as the company want to put out the best quality designs and work!  That’s what I love about our company – we listen to our clients, have great designs, with high quality.

What drew you to come work for Storey Kenworthy?

After talking with SK, they really listened to what I needed in my life – work/life balance.  They truly listened to what I needed and made that work!  I’m able to get my work done and go home to be a wife and mom, attend events and repeat.

What would say is the best part of your job?

The Clients.  Each project is different and I love meeting and connecting with new people.  I enjoy sitting down with the client and talking about their needs and providing solutions to these needs/problems through the design of their space.  In addition, seeing the finished project, people using that environment, and the happy customer is  the most gratifying feeling.

Outside of work, what do you do to stay fulfilled, busy, balanced and focused on your personal growth?

We just moved so we’ve been doing a lot of work making our house our new home.  We have two kids Maddux (12) and Paisley (5).  We stay busy going to their events.  We also enjoy fishing (a husband and son that can fish 24/7).  We love to hangout with our extended family

What would you tell somebody that is thinking about coming to work for Storey Kenworthy?

Say yes! You definitely want to do it! It’s a great company with great core values and it feels like more like a little family than going to a job everyday.

When you think about our customers – how would you say your role impacts their business and their employees?

Interior Designers greatly impact our client’s business and their employees because we have to be good listeners and then follow through with their needs and requests. In addition, it’s fun to create functional design and sprinkle in those WOW elements when and where we can.