#OurStorey with Nicole Schminke

#OurStorey with Nicole Schminke

In 4 sentences or less, describe your job and what you might do on a “typical” day – understanding that a typical day might be different every day.

Like everyone, there is no such thing as a typical day!  My role is about 50% Customer Service and 50% Purchasing.  On the Customer Service side, I do data entry and help customers solve problems.  As I’m stepping in to a more formal purchasing role, I buy everything from copy paper to toilet paper!  You name it, we’re buying it!

How would you describe the company culture of Storey Kenworthy?

So many words to describe our culture; fun, exciting, always changing.  There are great people to work with and plenty of opportunities for learning and advancement.  You get to work with a variety of different roles and departments.

Which of the 7 Core Values is your favorite?  The one that inspires you most?  Why?

All of them!  Probably Dependability because there are a lot of pieces to the process and it’s nice to know that we can depend on each other to make the process work!  I also like our customers to know that they can depend on me!

What would say is the best part of your job?

I love most everything about my job but I would probably say what I love most is that I’m constantly learning different things and I get to work with some pretty awesome people!

Outside of work, what do you do to stay fulfilled, busy, balanced and focused on your personal growth?

I live on a crop farm so I spend a lot of time helping out.  My family buys, sells and trades new and used farm equipment so I also help out with that.  I love to spend time with my family; my daughter will be a Junior this year

What would you tell somebody that is thinking about coming to work for Storey Kenworthy?

Absolutely! Come work for us and be a part of this great family of companies.  There are wonderful opportunities to learn and develop.  It’s really a great place to be.  We have great benefits and it’s just a great group of people.

When you think about our customers – how would you say your role impacts their business and their employees?

On the Customer Service side of my role, I love being the person to help them find what they’re needing, particularly if it’s different and/or unique items!  I love to use my creativity and find the item that they’re looking for at the best value.