#OurStorey with Ray Bryson

#OurStorey with Ray Bryson

In 4 sentences or less, describe your job and what you might do on a “typical” day – understanding that a typical day might be different every day.

One reason for my longevity in this industry is that every day presents a new or different challenge. It may consist of finding solutions for clients or analyzing business relationships to find ways to improve and better serve. I’m continually prospecting for new opportunities to form business partnerships.

How would you describe the company culture of Storey Kenworthy?

Being a ‘newbie’, I am still learning, but I’m very pleased with the ‘we are family’ atmosphere.

What would you say is the best part of your job?

Forming relationships and gaining trust.

Which of the 7 Core Values is your favorite?  The one that inspires you most?  Why?

Learning and Growth resonates with me the most because of one of my favorite quotes as a child. ‘He who dares to teach must never cease to learn.’ – John Cotton Dana

What drew you to come work for Storey Kenworthy?

I am part of the latest acquisition – no regrets so far (smile).

Outside of work, what do you do to stay fulfilled, busy, balanced and focused on your personal growth?

Enjoying 9 grandchildren & 2 great grandchildren – need I say more?

What would you tell somebody that is thinking about coming to work for Storey Kenworthy?

As gambles go, it’s a good bet.

When you think about our customers – how would you say your role impacts their business and their employees?

I help businesses do what they do, better.





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