The Evolving Workplace: How to Become and Stay Relevant

The Evolving Workplace: How to Become and Stay Relevant

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By Jan Johnson, VP of Design and Workplace Resources, Allsteel

Given all that is being discussed and prognosticated these days about what’s next in workplace-making—much of which is on-point and insightful—we’re adding to this rich conversation with several viewpoints we’d like to share. Our intent is to ask and answer what’s really important to get right.

Start by taking a step back to consider the purpose of the office:

The highest and best use of the office is to promote social cohesion.

Several years ago, we sponsored research that found social cohesion to have THE highest (scientifically proven) correlation to knowledge worker productivity—specifically team productivity. More recently, my colleague Jeff Leitner also identified studies that suggest that social cohesion is also highly correlated to individual performance, motivation, engagement, and learning outcomes; helps workers manage fear, stress, and anxiety; and reduces burnout.


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