What’s it like to partner with Storey Kenworthy?

What’s it like to partner with Storey Kenworthy?

Our business is all about relationships.  Good relationships start with a strong foundation of trust.  Coupled with proactive communication and the ability to problem solve, this leads to collaboration and ultimately execution.   The other imperative element:  a solid team.

At Storey Kenworthy we not only believe in our core values, we LIVE them, each and every day!  And the amazing part about this—we don’t even need to think about it.  They are innate qualities that each of our team members embodies.

What inspires me personally is developing relationships that reach far beyond just a project. I view each opportunity with a client as a springboard for a long-term partnership.  Diving deep into what each company is about and developing an understanding of their needs: who they are and how they work.  It’s a journey along one of life’s paths—we should enjoy the process!   A prime example of what  partnering with SK is like can be found in a project we are just wrapping up.

Below is Estes President Kent Pilcher’s account of his experience with Storey Kenworthy:

“In our company, we believe in a high level of collaboration. So when we embarked on a remodeling of our headquarters in Davenport and a new office in Des Moines, we were looking for a partner who operates the same way.  We had the privilege of working for SK on their own office project and had a chance to observe their culture and felt it would be a good “fit” or partnership.  SK took us on a journey of discovery to learn what our employees really wanted in order to have exceptional new spaces.  They closely collaborated with us to develop those as well as preview to all our employees what the finished space would be.

Now that we are completed, the offices are remarkable!  The comments we continue to hear is how much the space really has impressed all. The new work environment is inspiring everyone and will be a great asset to our culture and help propel our growth.

It’s not often someone exceeds your  expectations, but SK certainly did.  Thank you SK!”

Let Storey Kenworthy take YOU on a journey.  Partner the SK way!