What’s your organization style?

What’s your organization style?

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Everyone loves a quiz, right?

Let’s learn something about ourselves, how we work and how to organize better. Try to answer these questions honestly, as you’ll get more out of it (along with a game plan to get organized, for good!).

How do you prefer to receive files?

a. Digitally
b. Physical copies
c. Both

Where do you typically store loose files?

a. In a filing cabinet
b. Around my desk
c. Wherever is convenient

Does a cluttered desk make you anxious?

a. Yes
b. No
c. Sometimes

If your answers were “mostly a” to the questions above, you’re likely an active organizer. “Mostly b,” and you may lean toward being an archival organizer. For those who live right in the middle, that’s OK too—we often meet customers who prefer a combination of both.

Organization isn’t necessarily a science, but it’s absolutely a skill. Your workspace can become busy in the blink of an eye, which isn’t ideal for your focus or productivity.

The key to being organized is knowing what type of organizer you are. If that makes no sense whatsoever, you’ll be in good shape by the end of this article—and that’s a promise.


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