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It’s True: Now Is the Best Time to Invest in Marketing

It’s likely that you’ve heard it said that now is a good time to be marketing. In fact, you’ve probably heard that for years. It’s always a good time to be marketing! But there really is something different going on. Whether it’s direct mail, email, or mobile, here are three reasons why now is a particularly good time to be more proactive about your marketing strategies.

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Little Known Ways to Boost Your Mailing Results

Did you know that direct mail recipients purchase 28% more items and spend 28% more than non-direct mail recipients?1 This is excellent news for marketers. But with increasing pressure on marketing budgets, you still want to make every direct mail dollar count. Here are three overlooked ways to boost your mailing results and maximize your investment.

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Why your Audience Isn’t “Everybody”

When developing a print or digital marketing campaign, do you know your target market? No matter how great your product or service, it’s not going to appeal to everyone. By choosing the right target audience, and making an investment in that audience, you focus your marketing dollars on the people most likely to buy from you. You can also increase the effectiveness of your messaging (and therefore make more money) by tailoring your message to your audience’s specific needs.

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