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Is Your Print Project Really Finished?

Any marketer has access to high-quality printing, but far fewer take the time to invest in the high-quality coating. For those that do, the extra time can make the difference between buyers seeing your project as “a nice piece” and a really great, memorable one. Let’s look at three reasons you might want to add a coating before your project goes “live” into the hands of your target audience.

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Why your Audience Isn’t “Everybody”

When developing a print or digital marketing campaign, do you know your target market? No matter how great your product or service, it’s not going to appeal to everyone. By choosing the right target audience, and making an investment in that audience, you focus your marketing dollars on the people most likely to buy from you. You can also increase the effectiveness of your messaging (and therefore make more money) by tailoring your message to your audience’s specific needs.

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