High-Impact Marketing You Can’t Get with Digital

High-Impact Marketing You Can’t Get with Digital

We love digital marketing, and it plays a critical role in the multichannel mix. But there are some things digital can’t do. Here are three examples of outstanding ads that can only be done in print.

One Story, Two Endings

When the Volkswagen Touareg came out with its Night Vision feature (which improves visibility at night), it wanted to do something genuinely breakthrough and memorable. It developed a print ad using two sets of inks: traditional ink for reading in the daylight and fluorescent ink for reading in the dark. Written in the style of a classic children’s tale, the ad tells the story of a young deer trying to cross the road. Read in the daylight, the story has a tragic ending. Read in the dark, however, activating the ad’s fluorescent inks, the deer escapes unscathed, illustrating the power of the Touareg’s Night Vision feature.

Secret, Hidden Manifesto

L.L.Bean also used two sets of inks to create an advertising surprise. To promote getting out into nature, the outdoor retailer created an ad with the tagline, “Be an outsider.” The page appeared to be blank except for the simple call to action — just nine words. They read, “Just bring this outside. No, seriously. Take this outside.” Readers who followed the instructions and took the ad outside activated the ad’s photochromic inks, and what had been a blank page now sprang to life.

Removable Bracelet Protects Kids

While at the beach, many parents worry that their children will wander off when they aren’t looking. So Nivea created an ad with a removable safety bracelet. Put the bracelet on your child’s arm, download a mobile app, and set a perimeter with your phone. If the child wanders outside the designated safe zone, the parent receives an alert. What a comfort to nervous parents!

These are just some of the innovative and memorable uses of print to engage readers’ senses and emotions in a way that digital ads cannot. Not only did the ads generate a lot of positive buzz, but you can bet those readers will remember those brands—and their positive experience—for a long time.

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